In the 70’s, desiring a more aesthetic lifestyle, Wayne made the move out west to beautiful Carmel, California where he lived the “California artist’s lifestyle” and continued to paint there for over ten years. It was in Carmel that he met his beautiful wife Shelly. After the birth of their first child, Wayne was inspired to paint tigers with their cubs and thus a new phase in his career was born, as well. His images of tiger families were so well received that many renditions featuring other species have since evolved to today, making up the collection you now see in this gallery.

Wayne’s paintings, prints, and collector’s plates can be seen in homes and business around the globe. The Franklin Mint published a series of six collector’s plates featuring his tigers and cubs. This became part of their Royal Doulton collection and over 2 million of his plates were sold worldwide. He has exhibited his paintings in many galleries throughout California, Hawaii, Texas, New Jersey, Colorado, and Guam and his work is currently exhibited by the Wyland Signature Gallery in Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan Gallery in La Jolla, California and the New Masters Gallery in Carmel, California.

Today, Wayne and his lovely wife Shelly reside in the charming town of Castaic, just 40 miles north of Los Angeles where you’ll find him painting images of his children and loved ones, surrounded by nature, in addition to his popular animal series. His most recent passion is his hand painted apparel featured here on this website. Wayne’s hope is that the wearer will enjoying making a personal statement about themselves, while drawing attention to the environment and the countless species who live on the fragile edge of extinction.

“I’m trying to impart the aesthetics of life. Art is for the soul and if I can raise the spirits of someone viewing my work, because it reminds them of something that brings them pleasure, then that lifts my spirit as well.”